GGP Guidelines Are Now Available

What is GGP?

GGP,Government Green Procurement refers to the acquisition of products, services and work in the public sector that takes into consideration the environmental criteria and standards to conserve the natural environment and resources. As the Malaysian public expenditure is a big player in the nation’s GDP, the Government’s purchasing power can be used to spur the use of environmentally friendly products and services by participating in the market as purchasers and at the same time regulate its practices.

Business Corporations And GGP

The Ministry of Finance (‘MOF’) issued GGP circular which contains the Short-Term Action Plan. The plan was approved by GGP Steering Committee in July last year. In short, the Government, having recognised the impact of green products and services on transforming the nation into one that’s sustainable, is now seeking to leverage its purchasing power to encourage industries to provide more green products and services.

The Government through GGP will actively acquire products and services that are environmental friendly. Therefore, business owners have the opportunities to meet such demands by producing and providing green products and services.

GGP Guidelines

A set of GGP guidelines has been formulated by the SCP expert. Any business owner who is looking to participate in GGP can refer to these guidelines to improve the chance on being selected. 

Please download the GGP guidelines on the left.