Are You the Mythical Bigfoot?

For centuries, hunters have been using animals’ footprints to track their location. Footprints tell more stories than you can probably think of. For example, a footprint can provide information as to the type of the animal based on its shape, the weight of the animal depending on the depth of it, it can even go to show the animal’s gender!

The Mother Nature has her own tracking system too to gauge how badly we’ve treated her. As we go through our daily lives, we leave behind clues on how we’ve affected the environment. These clues are called the carbon footprints. Carbon footprints measure how much carbon dioxide (‘CO2’) we’ve produced. Every time we drive a car, take a flight, turn on the light or even breathe we are releasing CO2 that is one of the major greenhouses gases that contribute to global warming.

So depending on the frequency that you drive or whether you leave your lights on even when you’re not using them, you might just be a Bigfoot yourself. Unlike the ape-like Bigfoot, the human Bigfoot that has huge carbon footprints can be spotted easily in today’s world. Just look at the amount of cars on the road and you’ll soon realise how global warming has become an imminent threat to our beautiful Mother Nature that is our beloved home.

Find out How Big is Your Foot!

To reduce the amount of CO2 that you produce to better pamper our Mother Nature, you’ll first need to know how big your carbon footprint is. You will only know where to go after knowing where you stand.

Find out the size of your foot with Carbon Footprint Calculator.