You Can Throw Your iPhone Away. Yes, You Really Can.

IMPORTANT: This article only applies to iPhones that have reached their end of useful lives.

Forget about swipe to unlock. Try pick up and throw.

Really. Try it. It’s going to be fun.

It’s like being in a rollercoaster. It’s going to be a little terrifying and thrilling but it’s all safe. Everything is going to be fine.

Now, grab your iPhone, walk to the nearest trash can, open the lid, aim for the center of the bin because we want a swish and... Shoot!

Was it a score?

Did you make it?



Now take your iPhone out of the bin because that’s not the proper way of disposing an Apple product.

I apologise for making you break up with your iPhone the wrong way. I was merely trying to get your attention.

Apple’s Reuse and Recycling Program

When your beloved iPhone has served her duty, she has to go despite your undying love for her and the wonderful time you had with her. However, to honour the romance that you both shared, you’ve to let her go in the right way, in a way that she’s destined for.

Apple has designed its iPhone in such a way that it requires less material as to conserve the nature’s resources. And the materials used to produce an iPhone are reclaimed by recyclers to use in new product. The whole production of the iPhone takes into consideration of her entire life-cycle, including the stage where she ceases to be useful.

Instead of just heartlessly dumping your iPhone into the garbage bin, you can send her to Apple. Apple will then recycle your iPhone for you, making her useful again. If Apple deems your iPhone to be still of monetary value, it will even send you an Apple Store Gift Card.

In this process, you get to create one less waste on Earth, you get to help your iPhone to be useful to the others, and you even have the chance of getting some money back.

Sounds like an easy choice to make. What say you?

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