Is SCP Rocket Science? 5 Heroic Actions That You Can Do.

Sustainable Consumption and Production (‘SCP’) sounds like some kind of scientific jargons that no reasonable person would understand what it means without first obtaining a doctorate in rocket science. Given the importance of practicing SCP in order to prolong the life of our planet Earth, we can only feel nothing but grateful that we don’t need to be a genius to understand SCP.

And we should be even gladder that we too have the power to contribute to our world by some easy SCP practices.

As all of us are consumers, we can focus on improving our daily behaviours so that we consume goods and services in a way that will allow our Mother Nature to live longer. 

Here are Five things that we can do.

Starting Out...

1. Turn off the water tab while you're brushing your teeth. Turn it on only when you need to.

2. Don't leave the lights on when you're not in the room even if you're using energy efficient light bulbs. No energy wasted is always better than less energy wasted.

3. Recycle papers whenever you can. Which should be always.

4. Or don't use paper at all whenever possible. With the technology innovations these days, we can be paperless and productive at the same time. Cloud computing is a good place to begin with. Start to store your documents in the cloud rather than printing them out.

5. Fill your buckets with rainwater to wash your car, water the plants or give your pets a good shower. It's free and easy!

All these practices seem too easy and not significant enough to help the world. Yes, there are easy and any of us can do it. And their degree of significance depends on how many of us are willing to do our part. If 10% of our population uses one less paper a day, that’s 21million papers saved.