PM Najib Razak Highlights the Importance of SCP in the 11th Malaysia Plan

Themed “Anchoring Growth on People”, the 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP) has been launched today by the Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib Razak at Dewan Rakyat. 11MP is the final five-year strategy before our nation achieves the vision of being an advanced-economy nation by 2020. “It will chart Malaysia’s direction for the next five years. This will be the final lap before we reach developed nation status, which is what Vision 2020 aims for,” said the PM. While economic growth is the primary goal, 11MP aims to reach beyond just that by pursuing green growth for sustainability and resilience.  

SCP as an instrument to achieve green growth

“Achieving growth that is inclusive, sustainable, growth with equity, competitive and progressive…” the PM has stated. The PM recognises in the 11MP that sustainable growth is a necessary ingredient of an advanced nation. As such, green growth has been chosen as the way forward. It is one of the six highlighted strategies in the 11MP.

As spelled out in the 11MP, SCP is one of the approaches in achieving green growth. It is a concept that promotes economic growth without compromising the environment or jeopardising the needs of future generations. Since 2012, Malaysia has been undertaking a SCP project under the SWITCH-Asia Programme Policy Support Component.

Malaysia is very committed to making its growth one that is of green. Quoting the PM, he said that “emboldened by the great strides made in the past, the Eleventh Plan reaffirms the Government’s commitment to a vision of growth that is anchored on the prosperity and well-being of the people. It is premised on a progressive and united nation that shares a common commitment towards building a better Malaysia for all Malaysians.”

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