Through the 3Rs, waste minimisation can be achieved in an efficient way.

ABC of SCP - The 3R

In the SCP universe, 3R is a common term. 3R also happens to be directly related to another R, Resources. 3R simply stands for reduce, reuse and recycle. In a world with finite resources, it is important that we use them efficiently. As the Chinese proverb says, a frog does not drink all the water of the pond it lives in. And so we, as human being, must not drain our planet earth of resources. With a little thoughts, we can gain much more through less. Let’s start with the 3R in today’s ABC of SCP.

While the concept of 3R has been practiced by some before officially being named, it was only formally launched at a ministerial meeting in the spring of 2005 in Japan.


Do we really need to use it? This is the first question we should be asking ourselves whenever we first utilise any resources. To ensure that we have sustainable resources, one of the most direct and effective ways is to reduce the use of resources. Be it making the choice of using one less plastic bag, printing one less paper or taking one less flight, there is always alternative that allow us to reduce the resources used. To reduce is to make choices that utilise resources with care to reduce the amount of waste generated.


Can we use it again? Before throwing a product away and sentencing it as waste, let’s give it a chance and raise this question. Creativity can go a long way. Oftentimes, most items have more than just one function. As one of the many examples, an emptied plastic water bottle can be transformed into a makeshift pot to grow plants. While plastic is a popular material due to its durability and low cost, when it reaches the end of its life cycle because its durability makes disposable problematic. Therefore, by reusing the plastic bottle into a pot will make use of its durability without harming the nature.


Can it be recycled? Not everything goes into a trash bin just because it is a trash bin. There are many waste materials that can be turned into new products. In doing so, we can prevent the waste of potentially useful materials as well as eliminating the need of fresh raw materials. The materials that can be recycled include paper, plastic, glass, metal etc. So the next time before you throw a product into a trash bin, give it a second thought on whether a second life is possible.

Through the 3Rs, waste minimisation can be achieved in an efficient way.