6 Reasons That Your Next House Should Be Made Of Wood

The wooden little secret house that sets atop of a tree rarely fails to fulfill every child’s fantasy. The raw touch of the timber, the perfect camouflage in the middle of a forest and the idea of being at such a “high” altitude is simply a natural playground for the kids. Nonetheless, it is uncommon these days to find a house that is made of wood, what more to live in one. The norm of building materials have became bricks, concrete, metal and glass. But when we take a close look at the benefits of buildings that are made of wood, there is an abundance of reasons that your next home should be made of wood. Here are 6 of them:

  1. It cuts your energy bill. Greatly.
    The nature of wood is such that it doesn’t expand when it is exposed to heat. Instead, it dries up and becomes harder. This means that it can prevent energy leaking from your house. Therefore, whether you want to heat or cool your house, it takes much lesser energy than other materials such as brick and cement.
  2. Using wood actually saves the environment.
    Storing carbon is a specialty of wood. Following the growth of a tree, it absorbs carbon out of the atmosphere. Even after the tree is used to make wood products such as a wooden house, the carbon is still stored within. Lesser carbon, better environment.
  3. A beauty by nature.
    Even with all the modernisation spreading across the major cities in the world, there are still many people who would retreat to the jungle and take in all the natural beauty while being surrounded by trees. Wood simply is aesthetically pleasant to the eyes, be it the grain, the wide range of colour to choose from or its textures. Wood also happens to be extremely versatile, it can be bend into many shapes and carved accurately into most imaginable designs.
  4. By no means a fragile beauty.
    While wood is light as a material compared to other common ones, it has remarkably high tensile strength. For example, the hardest wood, Australian Buloke requires 5060 of force to embed a 11.28 mm halfway into the wood (Source: freshome.com). That is almost the weight of an adult African elephant.
  5. Durable and safe.
    Unlike bricks and concrete, wood has the capacity to bend slightly without being destroyed. When being struck by the weather, the wood would bend to accommodate the changes rather than breaking. Whereas even the slightest cracks in bricks foundation would render the building to be unsafe to live in. This is the reason that wood is still being used in the modern architecture.
  6. Wood saves money, really.
    It is a common knowledge among builders that wood takes lesser time to build compared to bricks, concrete and metal. This translates into lesser labour time and lesser money spent. Studies have shown that timber frames are consistently the most cost-effective solution.