A Glimpse Into A Future Edible CIty – Kuala Lumpur

Looking at my morning breakfast: a fruit salad and a kale smoothie, I have a sense of comfort from knowing that every ingredient on my table is grown in my city, Kuala Lumpur. With Malaysians realising the importance of healthy food, there came a trend among urban communities to grow their own food on balconies and rooftops. With technology advancement in fertigation, hydroponics and vertical farming it became possible to grow more crops per square foot of soil.

What started as a trend became a business. Soon enough, KL became almost self-sufficient in food. The costs of transporting food from far are greatly reduced. We get our food straight out of the farm on the same day. This is as fresh as food can get. The food waste is used as organic fertiliser for city farming. We live in the confidence that the days of depending on imports and doubting the quality of food are behind us.

Sustainable and healthy food has an important place in the SCP Blueprint

The above vision is depicted in the SCP Blueprint. It aims to ensure sustainable and healthy food systems over the entire life cycle of food from the farm to the plate. A sustainable food system delivers security of food supply, through sustainable producer and consumer practices including healthy diets and avoidance of food losses and waste.