Accident Doesn’t Always Kill, Road Rage Might

The day is Monday. It’s 6pm in the evening. You have a dinner appointment at Kuala Lumpur. And you have just left your office in Petaling Jaya. Your office isn’t too far from your next destination and you shouldn’t be late, no rush. You get in your car, ignite the engine and drive out of the parking lot.

And BAM!

No, you didn’t crash into another vehicle.

You just find yourself drowning in a sea of cars. You look out to the horizon hoping to see an end to this seemingly eternal damnation but you’re disappointed by the never-ending line of cars. The other drivers start honking out of irritation. And this disrupt the sense of peace that you’ve just acquired having left the office on time. You try to ignore the honks by tuning up the volume of the radio but all you can hear are advertisements and forced laughter. The thousands of engines that surround you emit not only greenhouse gases but a constant growl that provokes you even further. Then comes the text messages from your friends that continuously questioning your sense of punctuation. The beeping sound of your phone finally takes the whole chaos of traffic jam into a deafening crescendo. At this point, you’ll have to gather all the self-control that a human being can possibly have just so you don’t squeeze the steering wheel into a twisted bend.

Unfortunately for you, the above scenario isn’t exclusive for Monday. It repeats itself until Friday.

Beating the Jam

Admit it. At some points in your life, you’ve secretly wish that your car can fly above or in between the other cars like James Bond’s car. However, until technology advances to the realm of fantasy, we only have the more traditional and less cool options.

“No, I’m Not Taking the Bus”

Most people suggest that taking public transport is one of the most effective ways to avoid the jam. That’s true. But for some people the route of public transport just doesn’t fit into their daily schedule. If that’s the case, you can choose to alternate your transport. For example, you can cycle or drive to the train station and take a short bus ride to your work place. A long bus ride might sometimes be inefficient and uncomfortable but a 15 minutes bus ride shouldn’t drain too much of your spirit.

Game Plan

Plan ahead. Can you run your errands near your office after work and meet your friends later in the evening when the traffic is less congested? Perhaps you can have breakfast at home and head to work after the rush hour?

Carpooling is also a good method to reduce the traffic jam stress placed upon you. Take turns to drive with your colleagues so that you won’t have to date with frustration every day. You’ll definitely be in a better mood if you are stuck in the traffic less often. And it’s absolutely more fun to have merry company on your journey. Interesting conversations beats the sound of honking every day of the week and twice on Monday.

The Bonus?

When you take public transport or carpool, you save money. You also save the environment because it turns out you’re using energy more efficiently. If people start taking public transport and carpool more often, there’ll be less cars on the road which means less jam. Lesser cars translate into lesser pollution too. There’s really no reason not to save yourself some trouble and save the world at the same time.