Treasury Has Issued A Circular On The Government Green Procurement (‘GGP’)

What is GGP?

GGP,Government Green Procurement refers to the acquisition of products, services and work in the public sector that takes into consideration the environmental criteria and standards to conserve the natural environment and resources. As the Malaysian public expenditure is a big player in the nation’s GDP, the Government’s purchasing power can be used to spur the use of environmentally friendly products and services by participating in the market as purchasers and at the same time regulate its practices.

Ministry of Finance Adopts GGP

Based on the recommendations of the Sustainable Consumption and Production (‘SCP’) Malaysia team, the Ministry of Finance has adopted GGP and is going to mandate the Government’s agencies through the GGP circular to procure green products and services.

Malaysia has a series of plans for the better tomorrow of its people. Right now, two of Malaysia’s plans share the same vision. Both the 10th Malaysia Plan (‘10MP’) and GGP are instruments that will transform Malaysia into a high income, developed, inclusive and sustainable nation.

Issuance of circular

The Ministry of Finance has issued the GGP circular on 10th April 2014. The Short-Term Action Plan that is initiated to materialise Malaysia’s long-term GGP strategy and is designed to embrace the nation’s GGP policy in 2014 is a go.

For further details or any enquiry, please contact the Ministry of Finance:

The GGP Circular is now available for download. Please click the link on the left to download.

For more information on the GGP Circular, please refer here for the Ministry of Finance's website.