Four Ministries or Government agencies will be selected as pilot implementers.

Malaysia Is Selecting Its Pilot Implementers for the Government Green Procurement Project

The Government Green Procurement (‘GGP’) begins with a Short-Term Action Plan. This Short-Term Action Plan is firstly implemented by identifying at least 5 product groups and initiating pilot implementation for these product groups.

Trial Run

Pilot implementation represents a trial run to gauge whether these product groups are effective towards fulfilling the strategy of GGP. By having a pilot implementation, the Government that’s armed with sufficient information can pivot its course in a better direction towards greener procurement.

The Ministry of Finance has appointed 4 ministries as pilot implementers for the GGP Project based on pre-existing experiences, know-how, active interest, and practical considerations (especially sufficient demand for the selected product groups).

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*Update: the GGP Circular is now available for download. Please click the link on the left to download.


For more information on the GGP Circular, please refer here for the Ministry of Finance's website.