Round 2: You Might Be Better at Rebounds Than a NBA Player

Continuing from the previous round, we’re going to further dwell into just how good you are at rebounds.

Just in case you’ve missed out our episode last week, the rebound effect we’re referring to is the fallout from your efforts in conserving the environment being undone by your own actions.

Round 2: The Good Intentions

Well, we probably already know how much harm our cars can do to our Mother Nature. The air that we breathe in just isn’t as fresh when there are more and more cars each day. There comes a point where we just couldn’t accept the idea that we are contributing so much to the nature or we simply realise how expensive it is to drive these days. So we resort to other means of transportation to save some bucks and save the world at the same time. We start taking public transport more often, we carpool with our friends, and we even ponder on the idea of getting a hybrid car that uses electricity and lesser fuel.

Few months in, we see a huge saving in our bank account after choosing the alternative method of transportation. We feel good that we are hurting our wallet and the nature less. With good feelings lingering in our hearts and extra cash in our pocket, we decide to buy an air ticket to somewhere far, somewhere we haven’t been. And BOM! There goes our effort of trying to conserve the environment. Travelling by plane is one of the most nature-damaging methods of transportation.

And that’s the rebound effect of today. Our endeavours to reduce our carbon footprint have been negated by one simple long range flight.

To be continued...