We don’t have to forego trees’ products entirely, we just have to use them wisely.

Protects Tarzan’s Home Will Put Money In Your Pocket

Don’t let the title of this story provokes you into hugging the trees that Tarzan resides and stopping anyone from chopping them down. There are other ways to protect the forests. After all, we’re living in an environment where the products made from trees are so crucial to our daily lives. Papers, tables, chairs, wardrobe etc. while not indispensable, are rather essential. It would be impractical to just completely ban the use of timber, not to mention many business owners’ livelihood depends on the forest.

We don’t have to forego trees’ products entirely, we just have to use them wisely. In fact, more and more countries choose who they import timbers from solely depending on whether the timbers are procured in a certified manner.

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (‘PEFC’)

The PEFC is the world’s largest forest certification system. Its vision is to transform the world into one which people manage forests sustainably.

Although tree is a renewable resource but it doesn’t grow in a day. Therefore, it is crucial for forest owners to manage their forest in a sustainable way because they can maintain their business for a longer period of time and the environment will be conserved. Furthermore, by having their forests certified by PEFC, it will increase their business opportunities. Studies shown that of the 450 German timber trade and window companies recently surveyed, 87% said they were “interested” in buying PEFC-certified Malaysian wood, as reported in the Timber Design Mag. And that's business opportunity right there.