Picture Credit: The Official Website of Placer Country, California

A Break Up Letter To The Public Transport Station

Hey, so we meet again. You’ve not changed a bit. Still looking firm and inspires awe in whoever that lay eyes upon you. You’ve always make life easier for us so we keep coming back to you. In a world where change is the only certainty, you manage to hold your ground.

But as days gone by, the daily visit has become dull. Your coldness is showing and is getting more apparent. We have to drag our feet everyday just to come to you and we loathe every minute of our visit. In fact, if it isn’t necessary we wouldn’t even have thought about you at all.

We found a new love. And we hope that, in time, you will learn to change and we can come to you with a joyful heart.

Enter Tahoe City Transit Center

Made mostly out of wood, the Tahoe City Transit Center isn’t like any train or bus station that you’re familiar with and that’s a good thing. With the rapid developments going on around the world these days, we sometimes long for the opportunity to escape from concrete buildings that seem to suffocate us.

At first glance, you will notice the beauty which is her roof that’s shaped like a boat. And her roof isn’t made solely for the sake for vanity. The boat-shape roof that floats above the platform provides an unobstructed view of the landscape. Laminated solar panels are integrated into the roof, offering natural energy for the center.

With tall trees dressing up as the backdrop, the Tahoe City Transit Center is a gem that’s trying to hide its light but failed miserably.

More importantly, she doesn’t just look pretty but she is also useful. The Tahoe City Transit Center is made to encourage more people to use public transport.

The Tahoe City Transit Center is a symbol of “sustainability”, she’s made of sustainable materials to spread the message of the importance of sustainability and for sustainable pleasure.

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