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We love our animals and we want them to always be around.

Tiger May Cry, What WWF-Malaysia Is Doing To Protect Our Wildlife

Animals live in most of our sweet childhood memories. As fellow neighbours that live together with us on this planet Earth, animals have always find their way into our hearts effortlessly. Rivers of tears were shed when Simba lost his father, Mufasa in Lion King. When Dumbo learned to fly, there were miles of smiles on the faces of children and adults alike. And we can never forget how much had the chase between Tom and Jerry made us giggled.

Out of the TV box, the animals are even more adorable. We have the pet dog that welcomes us home every time and rush to our embrace, the house cat that we love and sometimes loathe for her pride can be overwhelming, and the majestic tiger we see in the national park that perfectly describes the expression of “shock and awe”.

Those that we missed

It’s a pity that we never get to see any of those cute dodo birds. And despite the danger that might ensue, we all know that we would like to see a living dinosaur at least once in our lifetime. Then there’s Manny the mammoth in Ice Age that I, for one, would like to pat.

These extinct animals will never come back to life no matter how much we long for their return. We can only picture how they look like through the bones that they have left behind.

Those that remain

The beauty of the extinct animals can only be admired in paintings, drawings and illustrations that were put together based on the little clues that we have of them. Nonetheless, we can find comfort in the fact that there are still many amazing animals living around us.

In Malaysia, our tropical forests and climate have blessed us with a wide range of animals. We are very proud of our tigers, so much so that our national football team was named after them. Our charming orang hutans have attracted countless visitors. And our water has provided a sanctuary to many marine lives.

We love our animals and we want them to always be around. With all the development going on these days, the animals’ livelihoods are being threaten. The World Wide Fund for Nature-Malaysia (‘WWF-Malaysia’) and The Wildlife Trade Monitoring Network (‘Traffic’) are urging the Government to act aggressively and forcefully in combating poaching and wildlife trade in Malaysia.

Both organisations urged the government to sign the Conference Declaration and prioritise seven key areas that includes cracking down on illegal wildlife trade networks operating in the country. Furthermore, the organisations also implore the Government to set up a National Tiger Task Force to oversee the implementation of the National Tiger Conservation Action Plan, as well as anti-poaching efforts to protect tigers and other wildlife.

WWF-Malaysia and Traffic’s insistence will help preserve Malaysia’s wildlife animals. At the end of the day, we really don’t want our children to only imagine how tigers and elephants look like through our stories. Not when we still have the chance to save them.

For more information, please visit the news report by Bernama.