Welcome to the Green Team!

Round 3: You Might Be Better at Rebounds Than a NBA Player

Here comes round 3.

In the previous 2 rounds, we have probably been surprised of just how good we are at the rebound effects. So today we are going to continue the showdown.

Round 3: Hey, I have got the energy saving light bulbs! I’m on the Green Team now!

Welcome to the Green Team!

Now let’s see if you’re any good at causing the rebound effect! You’re good at rebound if:

#1: you think that possession of an energy saving light bulb gives you a free pass to leave your light on all day long

#2: you actually leave your lights on now more than you used to and more than necessary.

#3: you use the money you saved from using an energy saving light bulbs to consume more energy from other sources, eg. turning on the air-conditioner more frequently, purchasing more electronic products, leaving the TV on when you aren’t watching it.

To be continued...