2020 marks the year that Malaysia will transform itself to a higher ground.

Vision 2020 Is A Vision Possible With SCP

In Malaysia, we have a vision - the Vision 2020. This vision is widely known among Malaysians and it embeds all of our hopes for a better country. 2020 marks the year that Malaysia will transform itself to a higher ground. It is the year that the nation aims to attain the status of a high income and fully developed nation. Nonetheless, Vision 2020 is so much more than just driving the country to be one that is rich. Inclusivity and sustainability are the core concerns of Vision 2020 and all developments will be built upon these two topics as the foundation. In order to materialise this vision, a paradigm shift from the current conventional growth patterns towards green is crucial.

Sustainable Consumption and Production

Sustainable Consumption and Production (‘SCP’) is the answer to Vision 2020. SCP changes the way that we consume and produce products so that they will be sustainable. The standard of living, quality of life and well-being of people do not just depend on a continuous economic growth but the element of “green” has to be encompassed in growth. Such green growth can be achieved through the practice of SCP.

Green growth uses natural, human and capital resources in a sustainable manner to bring a better quality of life and economic growth that are sustained, inclusive and equitable for all. This is done while reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, minimising waste, avoiding inefficient use of natural resources, protecting biodiversity and strengthening security of supplies.

SCP in the Malaysian context

In Malaysia, a baseline study was carried out in 2012 to map the existing policies and the institutional set-up related to SCP at federal level. While this baseline study revealed the strong commitment that the government has in supporting SCP, it also showed that there are still room for improvements.

As of 2014, the government has already been working on the SCP project for two years since it was initiated on 2012. This project is financially supported by the European Union. The Economic Planning Unit (‘EPU’) of the Prime Minister’s Department serves as the National SCP focal point that coordinates the government and non-government agencies. The Environment and Natural Resource Economic Section (‘SEASSA’) of EPU is the coordinating executive and is assisted by international experts.