Aye, Aye Captain!

Have A Jack Sparrow’s Armchair In Your Living Room

Aye, Aye Captain!

Aren’t we all fascinated by the beauty of the Black Pearl that Jack Sparrow is so in love with?

Seeing the ship that is  made of mostly wood cruising across the wide ocean is simply breathtaking and it’s indeed a sight for sore eyes. We’re fond of wood because it returns us back to the nature and brings us a sense of familiarity. Wood crafts are certainly a refreshing change from the steel and glass structures that seem to be enveloping us these days.

Now, how about some of the ship’s wooden furnitures in your living room?

Enter Shipwreck Furnitures

Furnitures that look like they belong to a wooden ship is commonly called ‘boatwood’. In comparison with furnitures that are made of brand new wood, these boatwood furnitures are much more chic and artsy.

Not only these shipwreck-like furnitures are nice to look at, they are also good for the environment as they prevent more trees to be chopped down. Most of these boatwood furnitures aren’t made of new wood but are recycled from real fishing boats that are no longer seaworthy of real wood. These are shipwreck furnitures, literally. Like historical monuments, these shipwreck furnitures carry a story with them.

Boatwood In Malaysia

There were many furnitures that resemble those that you see on the ship of Black Pearl at the Malaysian International Furniture Fair in March. Furthermore, you can easily find furnitures that have the ‘shipwreck’ theme in cafes like Coffea Coffee and Artisan Roast Coffee.

For more detailed story on shipwreck furnitures, check out timberdesignmag.com.