You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

SCP Blueprint Workshop: Horizontal Intervention (Part 3)

A workshop named “Sustainable Consumption and Production (‘SCP’) Blueprint: Green Growth through SCP” was held on 25th March 2014.

The Economic Planning Unit (‘EPU’), Prime Minister’s Department is preparing the 11th Malaysia Plan before meeting the deadline of 2020 where our country targeted to be a high-income, developed and sustainable nation. The 11th Malaysia Plan will be the overarching policy for Malaysia and the SCP Blueprint will be used as inputs for it.

The SCP Blueprint is categorised into 3 main sections - A, B and C. This is a bird’s eye view of Section B, Horizontal Intervention.

The interventions at all levels in Malaysia are required in order for ‘Green Growth through SCP’ to happen. These includes the civil society, business sector and the government. Due to the cross-cutting nature of SCP, it cannot be encapsulated.

The subject of Section B under the SCP Blueprint is a number of horizontal interventions that are required to effectively deploy SCP as the engine for green growth.

Under Section B, there are 6 specific interventions. These interventions are explained in three parts for the ease of reading.

The 6 Horizontal Interventions

  • Between government agencies and NGO
  • Communication to the public, industry and consumers. also within the government
  • Education to students
  • Debunking myth
  • Escaping subsidies trap
  • MySCPI


It is not uncommon that economic instruments are often used to create a positive incentive structure in respect of consumers and producers’ behaviour in the context of SCP policy. However, the economic instruments should serve as a stepping stone but not a life support system.

The SCP Strategy intends to create an economic policy framework in which the government provides effective incentives to change the behaviours of consumers and producers, whilst reducing the direct use of subsidies as the primary intervention to ‘create’ SCP behaviours. This will be the main concern for this economic instruments intervention - to escape the subsidies trap.


You can’t manage what you don’t measure. As SCP is a comprehensive concept that cuts across multiple sectors and disciplines, it is not easy to measure progress in such a holistic and wide subject. This intervention aims to enable a monitoring system that allows the government to track real progress made towards SCP.

SCP Malaysia has already designed the SCP monitoring framework, namely Malaysia Sustainable Consumption and Production Indicators (‘MySCPI’). MySCPI provides a framework that serves as a one-stop shop for the monitoring and evaluating of SCP. The use of indicators helps to quantify SCP policy objectives, evaluate their performance and monitor their impacts.